Company Motto

Sleep Well, Live Well.

Sleep isn’t the end of one day, but rather, the start of the next.
It helps us improve the next day’s performance and create a better tomorrow.
To contemplate the right sleep for any given time amid life’s various stages is to live one’s whole life believing that “tomorrow will be better than today.”
The Nishikawa Group is a veteran business with over 450 years of proven results. That’s why we consider it our mission to pursue good sleep and never stop innovating.
In order that each customer can “Sleep Well, Live Well,” we will continue to tirelessly undertake research and provide sleep solutions implementing the latest technologies.
We will make resting spaces more enjoyable and comfortable by engaging with people’s sensibilities.
Since sleep is the foundation that supports all life, the evolution of sleep will lead to the evolution of all the joys of living.

Company Motto

"Sincerity, Kindness and Mutual Prosperity"

Nishikawa's corporate motto encapsulates our strong commitment to everyone we serve and are served by: our customers, retailers, suppliers, subcontractors, other companies with whom we conduct business, and our own employees.

It is our firm belief that mutal prosperity can be enjoyed only through sincerity and kindness manifested in all aspects our business relationship.